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We have compiled answers to a few of the common questions we have received in regards to our Roofing Products and Services.
Among frequently asked questions these are the ones that single out most of our customers. We have decided to write more about it and help you deal with some common problems very early on.

When should I replace my roof?

When leaking, warping, cracking or blistering occurs on materials.

How long would it take Roofco to reroof my house?

The average roof is completed within a week, most just take a couple of days.

What should I do about the moss growing on my roof?

Contact us and we will apply zinc strips or a zinc oxide powder at the beginning of a week during nice weather. If the moss is abundant then the roof will probably require replacing. With Moss it’s best to deal with the problem early before it damages your complete roof.

Please call or email us for another questions or comments you may have.