Roofing Contractors That Do Both Commercial & Residential Work

Difference Between Commercial & Residential Roofing Contractors around North Carolina


Purchasing a new roofing system for your home or business is a significant investment. For that matter, you should choose not just the best roofing contractor to perform the roofing job, but you should also choose the fitting company for the roofing service you need. Regardless the style & design of your roof, the brand of roofing materials to be used, and its price, selecting a highly reliable, trained, and professional roofing contractor can make or break the success of your roofing project. That is why you should choose the right one for each specific roofing job you need.

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The Difference Between Residential Roofing & Residential Roofing

As a property owner, you should not simply select a roofing contractor based on the price and their marketing strategy. You should also consider the type of property you have. If you are a homeowner wanting to have your home’s roof restored or repaired, you will likely have to call an expert residential roofing contractor to deal with your roofing problem. Similarly, if you are a commercial property owner or manager, your go-to guy would be the commercial roofing contractors in your area.

It is good to acknowledge that although each type or properties are being covered by roofs, they are not created equal. However, each requires the use of high-quality materials and proper roof installation by professional roofing contractors. Seeing that, it is critical therefore that you as a property owner should understand the difference between both structures in order to find a high-quality roofing system for each individual structure, residential and commercial. To help you sight the difference, below is an overview.



Roofing Materials
The roofing materials to be used for each structure tends to vary depending on the weather, cost, and the type of the roof that each structure has. For a typical residential property, the roof will tend to be steeper or angled. On the other hand, a commercial property is often times using a flat slope. With that differences, a roofing contractor should possess a degree of expertise for a residential roofing or commercial roofing, or even sometimes both in order to have a successful roofing project.

Roofing Design
Another aspect of difference for both residential and commercial roofing is their design. A commercial roofing system is most of the flat roofing type, while residents are largely angled. For a flat roofing that are commonly used in commercial properties, it will require more maintenance and repairs. On the other hand, a residential roofing tends to be of less concern, for their design are intended to be easier to repair, replace, and maintain.


In choosing a roofing contractor in Charlotte, North Carolina, you should know their areas of expertise. If you are planning to have a roofing job for your commercial property, then you should go with the best and most reliable commercial roofing contractor in the area. Similarly, when dealing with your home’s roofing issues, you should stick with a trusted and tested residential roofing company. In this instance, roofing supplies also matter.

However, there are also other exceptional roofing contractors that can deal with both residential and commercial roofing needs. With their years of experience, training, and dedication to excellence, these contractors had managed to go beyond their comfort zones and previous expertise in order to holistically address the needs of the people of Charlotte, North Carolina, be it a residential homeowner or commercial property owner.